Please read following license agreement carefully before using SaveCall.

1. Licensing

SaveCall grants you non-exclusive right to use the software specified on the license You may use this software on the mobile devices that you own, lease or manage in other manners except where otherwise stated on this license agreement. In addition, usage of all service and contents provided by SaveCall is restricted to non-commercial purposes of yours only

2. Restrictions of Use

You must not modify, translate, decompile, reverse engineering or incorporate SaveCall software or related documents to You may redistribute this software without consent of the manufacturer, however, it must be distributed in the format of installation file without any modification

3. Copyright and property information

You must not remove or change the trademark of SaveCall or any contents related to copyright

4. Warranty and Liability

SaveCall does guarantee that this software will not be interrupted while it is operated on your mobile devices or will be no errors on software operation or will be safe. You must agree that this software may function differently depending on the specification of user’s mobile devices; that the software may contain errors that may cause unexpected suspension; that it must not be used under dangerous circumstances where safe operation must be guaranteed due to death, injury or physical or environmental damages can be resulted by software failure. SaveCall shall not be responsible for the loss or damages caused as a result of security breaches related to this software.

5. Termination

This license agreement shall be terminated if you do not comply with the terms of this license agreement