This App support all the devices?

You may not able to use call recording feature depending on the policy of each region or limitations on the hardware of some mobile phones. it is the case that call recording feature is not available due to the limitations on the mobile hardware in accordance with the policy of your region

The calls are not recorded.

Please change the settings for audio device or change audio quality to low-quality on the settings. In some devices, another audio device should be set ou can use call recording feature A. Changing the audio device settings when recording or not, please change the audio quality in low doses. Some devices may be set to record another audio device.

Are the storage period settings do?

Archive period setting is the feature to keep recorded files during the certain period of time based on the recorded date of the file. This function will be useful if you have difficulties to manage huge amount of recorded files. However, recorded files in the SAVE Box are excluded from the subjects files of Archive period setting

Audio quality difference is what?

The difference between Low–quality and High-quality audio is the audio sampling speed and encoding bit speed. Therefore, quality of internal recording and Audio file size of the recorded files are different. In general, the file size of 10 minutes call conversation record will be 1MB in case of Low-quality audio

Is there time limit on call recording?

SaveCall is no time limit for the call recording. But if there is no memory capacity it may not be recorded.

What features does Filtering have?

if you do not want to record calls from certain numbers, then try filtering feature.If you add the phone numbers on the filter, the calls from those numbers are not recorded.

Delete multiple recorded files.

if you want to delete multiple files at one time, you can select multiple files by clicking the image in front of the files on the list. From now on delete multiple recorded files easily at one time.